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Surname Lists

We have grouped related surnames into geographical areas, and into primary (and secondary) surnames. A primary surname is directly related to a Symons, and a secondary surname is related to a primary surname. More recent surnames refer to living relatives (email us for details).

The following five descendant trees cover most surnames:
(Mouse click the name to view the Adobe Acrobat PDF file)

Devon, England:
Auger, Chapman, Chowne, Clarke, Symons, Toswell - see John1-4tree.pdf
Symons (Chowne, Everleigh) - also see John1-4tree.pdf

Avery, Babbage, Chowne, Firkens, Glanville, Manville, Potbury, Pratt, Quick, Snow - see John4-8tree.pdf
Harris, Leat, Pratt, Salter - see Ralph4-6tree.pdf

Loosemore (Adams, Colman, Dodge, Fisher, Horrell, Oxenham, Sanger, Southcombe, Squire, Taverner, Tripe, Veysey, Wilcocks) - also see Ralph4-6tree.pdf
Mitchell - also see John4-8tree.pdf
Page (Lee) - also see Ralph4-6tree.pdf
Sanders (Salter, Ware) - also see John1-4tree.pdf and Ralph4-6tree.pdf
Savage - also see John4-8tree.pdf
Tripe (Cobley, Dendle, Loosemore, Manville, Snow, Webber) - also see John4-8tree.pdf
Tuttle - also see John4-8tree.pdf

Other present day surnames are Manville (Blackmoor, Lightfoot, Tucker), Mortimer, Potbury (Ackland, Burrough) - email us for details.

Capp (Olney) - also see William6-9tree.pdf
MacNeil, Williams - see William6-9tree.pdf
Ballantyne (Duncan, Moreham, Officer, O'Shannasy)(Eccles, Johnstone, Kerr, Lock, Lyall, McHood, Pollock, Riddell, Walker, Wilson, Wollard) - also see William6-9tree.pdf
Browne (Lovejoy, Wells, West) - also see William6-9tree.pdf
Flack (Breese) - also see William6-9tree.pdf
Jasper (Byrne, Hinds, Keith) - also see William6-9tree.pdf
Purser (Grills, Hocking, Pettifer, Selkirk, Simpson, Tasker, Thomas) - also see William6-9tree.pdf
Savage - also see John4-8tree.pdf

Other present day surnames are Ballantyne (Wellington - Crothers, Lloyd, Robbins)(Edey - Lukis, Whyte)(Fletcher - Grant, Hilf)(Scott - Fryar, Lee), MacNeil (Rees - Lenore, Master)(Hordern - Giljohann, Hall, Kovachevich), Purser(Grills - Burchfield, Clay, Joliffe)(Hocking - Beveridge, Hutchins, Malfroy, McKellar)(Selkirk - Foster, Kentish, Redman, Singleton, Smith)(Pettifer - McCrae)(Simpson - Daff, Slater), Jasper (Higgins, Hinds, Keith, Price), Williams (Stewart) - email us for details.
Last update: 2nd July 2003