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Resources & Links
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English Census data.
1851 Census - Rockbeare
1851 Census - Symons in Devon
1881 Census - Rockbeare
1891 Census - Rockbeare
1891 Census - Rockbeare - Genuki 2002 listing
1891 Census - Aylesbeare - Genuki 2002 listing

IGI entries for Symons (& variants) within 5 miles of Rockbeare.
Birth, christening and death data.
Marriage data.
Links to forums.
Symons Family Genealogy Forum hosted by

Links to Surname websites.
Loosemore of Devon (Symons are linked through Chapter 8, Family of James c1656, and can be followed with the help of the Loosemore tree.

Maps and other local/geographical information.
A map of the counties of England.
A map of the
Parishs in East Devon, showing the Rockbeare Parish.
map showing the area just south of Rockbeare.
A map of the Rockbeare region.
Genuki description of Rockbeare (also see for Whimple, BroadClyst).
Places within 5 miles of Rockbeare, Devon

Main roadway through Rockbeare, 1720.

Genealogy resource sites for Devon:
Devon Genealogy Heraldry and History.
Genuki - Devon.

Victoria (Australia) immigration:
Index of Inward Passenger Lists for British and Foreign Ports 1852-1889, with surname SYMONS.

Last update: 6th March 2018