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Symons Tree Details
This page presents tree information in descending list format for the first four known generations. Please note that early information is predominantly sourced from parish records and IGI, and may include misrepresented relationships. Click here for fifth generation, sixth generation, and seventh generation. Mouse click the names in RED to view a file in Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF format containing more details, including wills and census. Children's names in bolded blue have information recorded in the next generation. Please email us for information in either Family Tree Maker or GEDCOM file format. Easy to view descendant tree charts for our main line and related surnames are provided on the Surnames Lists page.

Earliest generation known:

John Symons (abt. 1650 to July 1715) married Mary (abt. 1653 to 1702)
Children:   Rebecca   (April 1672 to ?)  b. Rockbeare
Mary   (March 1676 to ?)  b. Rockbeare
John   (January 1679 to ?)  b. Rockbeare
Sarah (January 1681 to ?)  b. Rockbeare

Ralph   (April 1685 to June 1748)  b. Rockbeare,  m. Joan Auger
Charles   (August 1689 to ?)  b. Rockbeare
Thomas   (September 1691 to ?)  b. Rockbeare
Sarah   (November 1694 to ?)  b. Rockbeare
Second Generation:
Ralph Symons (April 1685 to June 1748) married Joan Augur (abt. 1690 to ?) on 7 July 1709 at Rockbeare
Children:   Ralph   (August 1710 to May 1763)  b. Rockbeare,  m. Mary Symons
Mary   (January 1712 to ?)  b. Rockbeare
John   (July 1716 to ?)  b. Rockbeare,  m. Mary ?
Sarah   (May 1720 to ?)  b. Rockbeare
Mary   (March 1723 to ?)  b. Rockbeare
Joyce   (October 1725 to ?)  b. Rockbeare,  m. John Chapman
Joan   (January 1728 to March 1741)  b. Rockbeare,  d. Rockbeare

Third Generation:
Ralph Symons (1710 to 1763) married Mary Symons (September 1709 to ?) on 21 February 1732 at Rockbeare
Children:   Mary   (September 1734 to ?)  b. Rockbear,  m. Henry Clarke
Sarah   (October 1736 to ?)  b. Rockbeare
Betty   (October 1738 to January 1798)  b. Rockbeare,  m. John Toswell,  d. Broad Clyst
John   (September 1742 to June 1824)  b. Rockbeare,  m. Betty Chowne
Charles   (November 1744 to ?)  b. Rockbeare
Ralph   (August 1749 to November 1826)  b. Rockbeare,  m. Rebecca Sanders,  d. Rockbeare
Henry   (May 1753 to ?)  b. Rockbeare
John Symons (July 1716 to ?) married Mary ? (abt. 1715 to ?) abt. 1734
Children:   Mary  (October 1734 to ?)  b. Rockbeare
Joyce Symons (October 1725 to ?) married John Chapman (? to ?) on 25 September 1750 at Rockbeare
Fourth Generation:
Mary Symons (September 1734 to ?) married Henry Clark (? to ?) on 17 April 1758 in Rockbeare
Betty Symons (October 1738 to January 1798) married John Toswell (? to 1787) on 23 May 1758 at Rockbeare
John Symons (September 1742 to June 1824) married Betty Chowne (1751 to ?) on 21 November 1768
Children:   Henry   (June 1771 to 1814)  b. Rockbeare
Charles   (January 1774 to 10 March 1774)  b. Rockbeare,  d. Rockbeare
Charles   (January 1776 to ?)  b. Rockbeare,  m. Rebecca Quick
Mary   (October 1778 to ?)  b. Rockbeare,  m. Thomas Babbage
Sarah   (September 1780 to ?)  b. Rockbeare,  m. William Pratt
John   (July 1783 to January 1861)  b. Rockbeare,  m. Elizabeth ?,  d. Marsh Green
Betty   (April 1785 to aft. 1823)  b. Rockbeare,  m. Henry Symons
William   (March 1788 to 15 September 1850)  b. Rockbeare,  d. Sidbury
Edmund   (January 1791 to February 1861)  b. Rockbeare,  m. Elizabeth Philkins,  d. Ridgeway
Ralph Symons (August 1749 to 26 November 1826) married Rebecca Sanders (January 1749 to June 1795) on 14 January 1773 at Rockbeare
Children:   Ralph   (December 1773 to 1788)  b. Rockbeare,  d. Rockbeare
Joseph   (September 1777 to April 1820)  b. Rockbeare,  d. Rockbeare
John   (January 1779 to 3 December 1817)  b. Rockbeare,  m. Ann Harris,  d. Rockbeare
Rebecca   (June 1780 to 1793)  b. Rockbeare,  d. Rockbeare
Henry   (April 1783 to aft. 1819)  b. Rockbeare,  m. Betty Symons
William   (January 1785 to December 1830)  b. Rockbeare,  m. Ann Maria Salter,  d. Rockbeare
Elizabeth   (July 1787 to 1788)  b. Rockbeare,  d. Rockbeare
Harriet   (May 1790 to ?)  b. Rockbeare

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