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Ancestral information can be very enlightening of the times and personalities behind the "data".

The Family of HENRY JOHN SYMONS 1834 - 1911, by Neil Symons

Neil, in collaboration with Judith Robbins, and with assistance from many relatives, wrote an historical account in 1995 of one Symons line originating from the Rockbeare region, and settling in Ballarat Australia. Neil's understanding of social history combined with his fluent style and attention to relevant detail makes for a fascinating read. Enjoy!

Full version - 1.2Mb pdf file
Chapter titles are: Ancestral Home, The Brothers, Two Cousins, Ballarat, Life at the Swamp, Living near the Lake, and End of an Era. Miscellaneous sections include: The Sidbury Myth, The Loosemore Watch, Entry in "The Cyclopedia of Victoria", and The Family Bible.

Abridged version.

Abreviated text and no pictures (except one).

Transcribers notes.

People discussed in the text can be placed by reference to the descendant trees found at the head of the SURNAMES page - these trees provide basic name/birth/marriage/death information for easy finding and tracking.

A 1996 supplement (large 900kb pdf file) includes the sections: Epilogue, Grandfather John and his Family, William Harris Symons, Uncle Alfred, Cousin William, and Family History Tour of Devon by Judith & Ken Robbins.

Additional data, such as BDMs and census records, is compiled here (Rev. Feb2003).

An article in The Courier, dated 2 July 1985, about the Symons' butcher trade history included the panoramic picture on the home page of this website. The photograph was taken using a traversing camera, which took a number of commercial photos at that time in Ballarat. The shop was on Macarthur St, near Lake St (photo left)The family motorcars included an Oakland, a Dodge, a Hupmobile, and a Chevrolet truck. When the shop was demolished in 1975, the chimney at the centre rear of the photo was dismantled and reconstructed at Sovereign Hill.

Scans of maps held by the State Library Victoria and by Archives Victoria:
North-East part of Lake Wendouree. Compiled 1964
East part of Lake Wendouree. Continuation of NE map.
North of Lake Wendouree, extending to Mount Rowan. Dated 1854.

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