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Surname Lists

We have grouped related surnames into geographical areas, and into primary (and secondary) surnames. A primary surname is directly related to a Willington, and a secondary surname is related to a primary surname. More recent surnames refer to living relatives (email us for details).

The following five descendant trees cover most surnames:
(Mouse click the surname to view the Adobe Acrobat PDF file)

Shirehampton / Bristol (GLS): - see Stephen01tree.pdf and JohnRussell06.pdf
Andrews, Beavan, Cambridge, Joynour, Parker, Parsley, Russell, Stone, Viner, Wilding

Powell (Carnell, Curry, Garner, Newcombe, Pritchard, Quance, Tuppen)

Ball (Hemmens, Powell) - also see Smith.pdf
Barford - see Thomas05tree.pdf
Beaven (Adams, Ainsbury, Ashton, Beavon, Beachley, Cox, Jefferies, Kreugur, Prichard, Sutton) - also see Smith.pdf
Blackman - see Smith.pdf
Bland - see Thomas05tree.pdf
Courtis - see Stephen04tree.pdf
Darling (Fox, Sanderson) - also see Thomas05tree.pdf
Dwyer - see Thomas05tree.pdf
Fisher - see Stephen04tree.pdf
Flett - see Thomas05tree.pdf
Foster - see Sainsbury.pdf
Frampton (Bown, Castle, Creese, Hokin, Newman, Rees, Reid, Warmecke, Warren) - also see Thomas05tree.pdf
Gerrett (Allan, Bridges, Bulluss, Campbell, Chamberlin, Fleming, Harkness, Hatton, Holt, Jansen, Lacy, Laverick, Ludbrook, Lugg, McIvor, Peacock, Penhall, Reid, Slade, Smith, Speechley, Wilson) - also see Thomas05tree.pdf
Harris - see Thomas05tree.pdf
Kennedy - see Thomas05tree.pdf
Lumsden - see Nelson05tree.pdf
Marley (Cook, Ebsary, Esbury, Finlay, Fuggle, Grant, Hill, Leeke, Millet, Parsons, Roach, Woolstencroft) - also see Stephen04tree.pdf
McIntosh - see Sophia05tree.pdf
Missen - see Smith.pdf and Stephen04tree.pdf
Nunn - see Nelson05tree.pdf
Rockcliff - see Thomas05tree.pdf
Sainsbury (Albaugh, Andrews, Birrell, Campbell, Cox, Evans, Foster, Gileno, Harris, Hill, Hogg, Hulse, McIntyre, Neill, OBrien, Pickersgill, Presswell, Reading, Smith, Starkey, Wesson) - also see Stephen04tree.pdf
Slaney (Donnelly) - also see Stephen04tree.pdf
Smith (Clift, Cock, Gill, Gore, Gugger, Hammerley, Livermore, May, Morrow, Pearce, Petty, Pitty, Pottinger, Pryor, Snyder)
Symons - see Smith.pdf
Tulloch - see Smith.pdf
White - see Stephen04tree.pdf
Williams - see Nelson05tree.pdf
More recent surnames: Fogerty, Robbins

Schuldt (Lemp, Mackinnon, Turner)
Last update: 4th September 2010