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Interesting Lifestyle Articles

Ancestral information can be very enlightening of the times and personalities behind the "data".

The Powder House lives on as a symbol of the importance of shipping and trade to Bristol in the 1700 and 1800's.

Lamplighter's is an interesting public house on the shores of the Avon that has had many uses over the last 250 years.

The Ballarat Bigamy Case is quite an insight into the life of Thomas Andrews Wellington, 1838-1910, and his matrimonial pursuits of three Courtis family sisters originating from Perranzabuloe Cornwall.

A 1918 letter from Nelson Frederick (1889-1952) to his father Nelson (1866-1936) describing his visit to Shirehampton and his meeting the oldest surviving relative (Ellen, wife of John Russell Willington). The letter has an enlightening discussion on the change in surname spelling from WILLINGTON to WELLINGTON. Nelson Frederick had a decorated and interesting war career.

Last update: 17th Septmeber 2010