1907 photo of William & Isabella Robbins, who immigrated to Australia in 1879.   ROBBINS GENEALOGY  
  The ROB(B)INS from Hartwell  
1885 photo of Edie Robbins, who was born in Australia soon after her parents immigrated in 1881.
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This website is to promote genealogical contacts with Robbins relations originating from the Hartwell region in Northamptonshire, England.
Built in 1875, the Parthenope carried our ancestors out to Australia.   Our Rob(b)ins ancestry is traced back to the early 1700ís, starting in Hartwell (Northamptonshire, England). In the middle of the 1800ís the family lines moved around the district of Hanslope(BKM)/Hartwell(NTH) and then to Crewe (CHS). The surname was recorded as ĎRobinsí during the 1700ís, with two bís becoming common during the later 1800ís particularly for our family line who moved to Crewe. Direct descendants of Eli and Mary (nee Caucutt) Robbins immigrated to Australia, where a large family tree now exists.
Surname Lists
Hartwell (NTH) / Hanslope (BKM):
Adams, Ashby, Ballden, Bannister, Barnes, Barrett, Caucutt, Darby, Flanders, Gillam, Gwilliam, Hillyer, Jeffery, Jones, Kilpin, Newbury, Old, Palmer, Perkins, Puttnam, Rainbow, Randle, Richardson, Tite, Wheeler, Willets, Woodland
Crewe (CHS):
Bailey, Bimson, Brownridge, Cotton, Farmer, Hayward, Hodgkinson, Horner, Kettle, Kimberlin, Marsh, Maun, Moses, Perry, Peters, Twiss, Woods

Australia / New Zealand:
Baker, Bottle, Carrick, Chester, Dunn, Garfield, Garnsworthy, Graham, Iredale, Lawson, Little, Lockhart, Mather, Mayer, Miller, Niven, O'Neil, Pankhurst, Pitt, Rice, Savery, Sewell, Smith, Symons, Teage, Waterhouse

Canada / U.S.A.:
Bratt, Peters, Pullman
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