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English Census data
1851 census data for Rob(b)ins known to be related.
1881 census data for Rob(b)ins known to be related.

Hanslope and District Historical Society.This has become one fantastic site - well worth exploring!.
Links to forums.
GenForum is a well setup forum, with a strong US content:

Maps and other geographical information.

A map of the counties of England.

A map of the
Post 14th Century Hundreds of Buckinghamshire can be found in the maps section of this link, showing Hanslope region in the north adjacent to Northamptonshire.

A map of the Northampton region, showing the position of Hartwell and Hanslope. Genuki for Hartwell and Buckinghamshire.

A map of Cheshire, showing Crewe in the south.

Other Rob(b)ins information.
Over the years we have made contact with many other researchers of Rob(b)ins genealogy unrelated to our specific line. We would be happy to assist with any emailed queries.

A listing of non-related
Robbins immigrants to Australia.

Last update: 31st May 2010