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The information presented in this website is primarily a result of the efforts of Kaye Mill, Judith Robbins, Mark Robbins, Peter Robbins and Tim Robbins. We hope this website provides some small inspiration to you and others to continue to develop information regarding Robbins genealogy.

We would be pleased to make contact with relatives who have undertaken genealogical research or who are interested in starting, or who think they may have information to assist us (such as family bibles, letters, wills etc.).

Some of the people who have contributed

Tim Robbins (descendant of Walter Isaac Robbins and Emily Peters)
My involvement in family genealogy has only been over the last few years. As a long-time regular user of the internet/computers, I have assisted with the introduction of computer services, initial internet searches, the transfer of our database to Family Tree Maker, and the construction of this website.

The design of this website has been on the keep-it-simple principle, with no frames used and only insignificant use of Java script. Unfortunately our version of FamilyTreeMaker has very limited export facilities, so I have employed Adobe Acrobat Reader and Text files where appropriate and elbow grease elsewhere. The file sizes of all web pages, .PDF and .TXT files, and graphics have intentionally been kept small. The HTML code used should be compatible with all browsers - if not then please email any problems detected. The content width of pages has been sized at 700 pixels to make for acceptable viewing at 800x600 and higher display settings (this is a compromise, as 640x480 settings will not display properly). I use MS Notepad to code the HTML, Adobe Photoshop for graphics, MS Internet Explorer to view pages, and CuteFTP for upload.

Anne Robins
Anne's husband's family came from Hartwell and although we have yet to identify a clear connection between Robins ancestors to date, we have been working closely to sort out Robins in the Hartwell / Hanslope region and Great Brington / Church Brampton / Nobottle.
Last update: 6th May 2007