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Surname Lists for Crewe (CHS) in England

For each surname directly related to Rob(b)ins we have provided summary information below. Names in blue have a link to a file in Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF format containing more detail. Please email us if we haven't included a link or if you are interested in further information.

Bimson   Alfred (Abt. 1881 to ?), married Emily Annie Woods on 4 Aug 1904 in Crewe.
Brownridge   Thomas Lee (Abt. 1886 to ?), married Lucy Mary Woods on 11 Nov 1911 in Crewe.
Cotton   Isabella (Abt. 1848 to 28 Jan 1917), married William on 11 Sep 1870 in Crewe.
Farmer   Lillian (? to Abt. 1945), married Walter Christopher Robbins on Abt 1930 in ?.
Hayward   Thomas (Abt. 1854 to Bef. 18 Apr 1900), married Elizabeth Robbins on 25 Dec 1873 in ?.
Hodgkinson   Annie (Abt. 1880 to ?), married William Henry Hayward on 25 Aug 1900 in Crewe.
Horner   May Louisa (Abt. 1880 to Feb 1964), married Herbert Robbins on 15 Jun 1901 in Gillingham, Kent.
Kettle   Lucy May (25 Jul 1881 to Abt. 1964), married William Henry Robbins on 17 Nov 1899 in Coppenhall.
Kimberlin   Harry Edward (? to ?), married Mary Ellen Hayward on July 1898 in Nantwich area.
Marsh   Walter Jeffrey (Abt. 1893 to ?), married Edith Woods on 19 May 1918 in Crewe.
Maun   Adelaide (Abt. 1889 to ?), married Frank Caucutt Woods on 16 Jul 1912 in Crewe.
Moses   George Henry (Abt. 1877 to ?), married Sarah Elizabeth Hayward on 18 April 1900 in Crewe.
Perry   John Henry (? to Abt. 1941), married Ada Jane Robbins on 9 Apr 1903 in ?.
Peters   Emily (6 May 1856 to 1 Nov 1940), married Walter Isaac Robbins on 12 June 1881 in Monks Coppenhall. (Read Emily's letter on the Stories page)
Twiss   Arthur Edward (? to ?), married Harriet Hetty Hayward on Abt. Jun 1910 in Nantwich area.
Woods   William (Abt. 1842 to 1913), married Leah Anne Robbins on 27 Aug 1881 in Nantwich area.

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