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Surname Lists for Australia/New Zealand

For each surname directly related to Rob(b)ins we have provided summary information below. Names in blue have a link to a file in Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF format containing more detail. Please email us if we haven't included a link or if you are interested in further information.

Bottle   Walter (9 May 1867 to 16 Jan 1933), married Mary Elizabeth Robbins on 1899 in Williamstown.
Carrick   Living relatives.
Chester   Living relatives.
Dunn   Louisa Elizabeth (? to ?), married Walter Robbins on 1897 in Stawell.
Garfield   Living relatives.
Garnsworthy   Living relatives.
Graham   Jane (4 May 1884 to 22 Sep 1965), married Albert Ernest Robbins on 18 Nov 1908 in ?.
Iredale   Irene Evelyn (1890 to ?), married Percy Ernest Robbins on 29 Oct 1919 in Mildura.
Little   Living relatives.
Lawson   Living relatives.
Lockhart   Benjamin Allan (1868 to 19 Mar 1958), married Beatrice Ann Robbins on 1910 in ?.
Mather   Living relatives.
Mayer   Living relatives.
Miller   Mary Helen Livingstone (? to ?), married Norman Walter Robbins on 19 Feb 1920 in Dunedin.
Niven   Living relatives.
O'Neil   Living relatives.
Pankhurst   Living relatives.
Pitt   Living relatives.
Rice   Oswald (? to ?), married Ethel Isabel Robbins on 1924 in ?.
Savery   Living relatives.
Sewell   Charles Arthur (1870 to ?), married Caroline Emma Robbins on 27 Apr 1905 in Dunedin.
Smith   Irene (Abt. 1915 to ?), married Albert Edward Robbins on Abt. 1937 in ?.
Smith   Clarice Ruby (? to 24 May 1944), married George Frederick Robbins on 1917 in ?.
Symons   Living relatives.
Teage   Living relatives.
Waterhouse   Living relatives.

Last update: 5th April 2000