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Interesting Lifestyle Articles
Ancestral information can be very enlightening of the times and personalities behind the "data".

Immigrants on the high seas

This letter written by the young and newly-wed Emily Robbins as she voyaged from England to Australia in 1881 is a fantastic insight into the life and reflections of an immigrant, as well as a lively chronicle of boat life on the high seas. Click here for transcript. Please note that the spelling and grammar of the transcript have not purposefully been modified, however transcription errors may exist.

Fowl Play

Two Northampton Mercury newspaper articles describing the theft of fowls provide an amusing insight into petty theft and life in the 1850's. Our ancestor Abraham Robbins was a poulterer caught up in the action. Click here for transcript.

The Railway Connection

An article describing the influence of rail on our Robbins ancestors.

Australia's first Robbins' - both Famous and Infamous

An article describing the earliest known Robbins to arrive in Australia. These people are not known as ancestors, but their existence is of interest.

We know of one related convict - Joseph Caucutt - brother of
Mary Caucutt (wife of Eli b. 1822). Joseph was convicted at Northampton on 8/1/1835 with a term of 14 years, and come out on the STRATHFIELDSAY arriving June 1836 in New South Wales. A transcription of the Ship Surgeon's report provides a good insight into convict transport. We know that Joseph was issued a Ticket of Leave in 1842 at Queanbeyan (NSW), and we are presently trying to trace Joseph.

Last update: 12th May 2002