Henry John Symons, Ballarat, circa 1870   SYMONS from ROCKBEARE  
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Mary Ann Symons (nee Browne), Ballarat, circa 1870
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This website is to promote genealogical contacts with Symons relations originating from the Rockbeare region of Devon, England.

The Ancestral home of our branch of the Symons family is Rockbeare in Devon. Earliest records dating from 1646 list Symons in the Parish Church of Saint Mary. Local places such as Whimple, Marsh Green, Crabhayes, Tanner's Farm, Westcott, Broad Clyst, Chulmleigh and Sidbury mix into the story. Earliest known ancestors were farmers and butchers. A recently compiled history of the Symons, following a branch from Rockbeare to Ballarat in Australia, provides the reader with significant social insight into the life and times of the 1800's and early 1900's.

This website contains descendent tree details, surname lists, census and immigration details, links to forums, other genealogy sites and geographical/locality information, and lifestyle/history articles. Please take time to email us with your comments and/or interests for inclusion in our guest book.
The Symons Butchery, Ballarat, circa 1930
Surname Lists
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Devon, England :
Ackland, Adams, Auger, Avery, Babbage, Blackmore, Burrough, Chapman, Chowne, Clarke, Colman,Corbley, Dendle, Dodge, Everleigh, Fisher, Glanville, Grills, Harris, Hocking, Horrell, Leat, Lightfoot, Loosemore, Manville, Mitchell, Mortimer, Oxenham, Page, Philkins, Potbury, Pratt, Quick, Salter, Sanders, Sanger, Savage, Snow, Southcombe, Squire, Taverner, Toswell, Tripe, Tucker, Tuttle, Veysey, Ware, Wilcocks
Ballantyne, Beveridge, Blair, Bonython, Breese, Browne, Burchfield, Burgell, Byrne, Byron, Capp, Clay, Crothers, Daff, Dale, Dart, Duncan, Eccles, Edey, Fisher, Flack, Fletcher, Foley, Foster, Fryar, Gee, Giljohann, Grant, Grills, Hall, Haynes, Higgins, Hilf, Hinds, Hinkley, Hinton, Hocking, Hordern, Hutchins, Jasper, Johnstone, Joliffe, Keith, Kentish, Kerr, Kneebone, Kovachevich, Lee, Lenore, Lloyd, Lock, Lovejoy, Lukis, Lyall, MacNeil, Malfroy, Master, McCrae, McGann, McHood, McKellar, Moreham, Murphy, Officer, O'Shannasy, Pettifer, Phillips, Pollock, Price, Purser, Putnam, Redman, Reece, Rees, Riddell, Robbins, Russell, Sanders, Savage, Scott, Selkirk, Shimmin, Simpson, Singleton, Slater, Smith, Stewart, Sutherland, Tasker, Thomas, Tomlinson, Tuttle, Walker, Webber, Wellington, Wells, West, Whyte, Williams, Wilson, Wollard, Wrigley

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