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Website Policy Page

This page outlines the privacy and copyright policies for this website.

Privacy policy

This website does not knowingly include information on any living person (except where they gave prior permission). If you have any concern about information contained on this website, including the use of a descendants name, then please make contact by email.

Copyright policy

This website does not knowingly include information or content belonging to any person, organisation, association, or company (except where prior permission is gained). Wherever possible, use is made of URL links to other websites that contain relevant information or content.
Likewise, no information or content (including photographs, images, text or any other material) contained within this website is to be used by others, either privately or commercially, without prior written approval. Requests for approval should be forwarded by email. Requests for private use of information will normally be granted where appropriate recognition of the source is provided.
This copyright policy is not designed to stop any private use of information, but rather to keep a record of who is using the information and ensure that any information is properly referenced and acknowledged.
Privacy Policy